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We publish and promote chapbooks of poetry, short stories, novelettes and more.
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Why publish through Middle Island Press?

We design our chapbooks with love and craft them to perfection.
·  They are neatly trimmed to a charming 4.5″ x 7″ size (as text allows), so they look like elegant little books rather than standard chapbooks.
·  We color the inside cover to compliment the outside, and all covers are unique.
·  We use quality paper (up to 32-lb) to ensure a fine product.
·  Text templates are tailored especially for each individual chapbook, so each is its own work of art, inside and outside.
We are proud to craft chapbooks that are quaint and unique in content, and we hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy making them. To browse our titles, click on the links beneath “Chapbooks.”
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Welcome to Middle Island Press

By Christina

We specialize in poetry and poetic prose aand we represent some of the finest poets of our time. If you wish to get published, we are here to see your dreams to fruition…and for book-lovers, of course we showcase some of the best titles in America and beyond.


Forthcoming Titles:

Chicken Train by Terry Minchow-Proffitt
Every Chicken, Cow, Fish and Frog: Animal Rights Haiku, edited by Robert Epstein and Miriam Wald

Recent Releases:

Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku edited by Robert Epstein
Beyond the Pillars by Loni Hoots
Big City Nighttime Stories by Gene McCormick
Billy Boy by Rodney Nelson
Cross Point Road by Rodney Nelson
Haiku Edge by Robert Epstein
Inside the Dark Room by Laken Brooks
Jupiter Works on Commission by Jack Phillips Lowe
Mac and the Princess by Frances McColl Stewart
Obsessions by Gene McCormick
Seven Last Words by Terry Minchow-Proffitt
Short and Sweet by Todd Millick
The Nymph of the Unknown Forest by Loni Hoots
The Sweet Surrender of Love and Nature by Mwati Mwila
Turkey Heaven: Animal Rights Haiku by Robert Epstein
Vignettes by Frances McColl Stewart


Publisher’s Notes:

We are currently not accepting new projects for saddle-stitched chapbooks, but we are accepting perfect-bound publishing projects.

Authors, we only accept electronic manuscripts (we do not transcribe).

MUCH THANKS to our fine poets for growing Middle Island Press,
and THANK YOU, READERS, for supporting living poets!

Join us for “Coffee with the Poets“ at Poetica~Place. 

At Middle Island Press, we design our books with love and craft them to perfection. We hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy the various aspects of the publishing process.

To see the MIP listings at Amazon.com,(and please consider rating and reviewing chapbooks and “finding reviews helpful” – it means a lot to our authors).

Robert Champ - Nova Scotia Road


"I tracked down Middle Island Press as the source of a wonderful collection of poems and other thoughts called "Clean Dream: Custodian Notes" which I found in a used book store. I suspect the author, Squeaky Q, is a pen name but can't find a reference for him/her. I'm writing content for a janitorial supplies distributor and would very much like to use quotes on their site from this book since they are both entertaining and insightful. The haiku on dish soap, paper plates, toilet paper and other cleaning supplies cracked me up. The suggestion that the author was a janitor makes me even more intrigued. Would really appreciate any help in finding the author, or in getting the necessary permissions to reprint some of these poems." Ella Thompson



–Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku

Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku (2015)
ISBN 978-006925-4767-0
Anthology, ed. Robert Epstein

How much thought have you given to whether there is life after death? Some religions, like Christianity and Hinduism, posit the existence of heaven and reincarnation, while others are silent on the question. Those not guided by faith are inclined to relegate this haunting mystery to the outermost margins of their lives. In these pages, contributors from around the world have trained their poetic eye on this all-important quest. Relying on the power of intuition and creative imagination, the poets in this collection give us a glimpse into the great mystery of life after death. Suspend your skeptical mind and accompany the poets here on the adventure into the afterlife; you may not only be surprised, but forever changed.

fragrant wind
my mother’s voice calls
from beyond

~ Roberta Beary

a deceased friend
taps me on the shoulder –
plum blossoms falling

~ Chen-ou Liu

In this collection, poets share brilliant and moving glimpses of immortality and continuous renewal. To read these poems, therefore, is to accept death as the watermark on every one of life’s pages. It is to feel at home in the vastness of existence.

~ Sheila Bender, Author of A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief, and Founder of www.writingitreal.com

Epstein’s collection is a treasure pot of tiny jewels. Because haiku conveys experiences of the ineffable, it is perhaps the best vehicle for transmitting the impact of encounters with the mysteries that lie beyond the grave.

~ Julia Assante, Author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death


–Big City Nighttime Stories

Big City Nighttime Stories (2016)
by Gene McCormick
ISBN 978-0692612682
106 pages; $16 plus $2.50 shipping

Big City Nighttime Stories is my world, the world as I know it, spelled out with nuanced, evocative writing that is at once accessible while encouraging interpretations.” –Gene McCormick

“Ugliness always and everywhere has its enchanting side; it is exciting to hit upon it where no one has ever noticed it before.” –Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

(A browse upon page 22…)

“Population: 700″

Ties are not required of human drones slogging through nine-to-five casual working environments but such by-the-hour support systems don’t live in preening residences on lots of an acre or larger, overbuilt houses forcing themselves to the edges of landscaped tracts: more house, less grass for the weekly lawn service to mow. Heading east to west, vice versa, it wouldn’t take five minutes to drive end-to-village-end of the hard-to-arrive-at destination. North to south, a bit less.

Doctors, lawyers, and stockbrokers make up the enclave’s earning power and by day they all wear ties. Home from their places of work the first order of non-business is unknotting, draping imported multi-colored tie silk on special racks sequestered in walk-in closets. Ties are a pricey ornamentation without practical function; the men in these houses have many. They like them.

Eyewear is usually viewed as something functional, unless they aren't. Like ties, they may often serve to signal something else, like intellect. Many professionals don't actually need vision correction and their glasses and frames are chosen more like the way they choose sunglasses - to affect their image. This fact is not mentioned in the authoritative posts focused on glasses information which is more focused on utilitarian facts. As if to illustrate this point, our favorite famous lawyer, former Queens Assistant District Attorney, and now NYC corporate lawyer Benjamin Randall Pred has been quoted as saying, "I'd rather go blind than wear those glasses!" as he bumps into the wall and pretends to fall down. Round or wire frames on glasses signal nerdiness, which is an advantage in some realms. Glasses with tortoise shell frames can signal seriousness. The men in these houses like glasses.


–Beyond the Pillars

Beyond the Pillars (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-6730-5
by Loni Hoots

Go through the pillars and into the time portal to travel back in time. Travel back to Cleopatra’s reign, to the mysterious island that disappeared in the 1800’s, to the ancient Druids, among other places throughout time. The vivid imagery that bounces from the words off the page and into your mind will take you on a journey that you can enjoy in the morning or at night. 77 pages.

(A browse upon page 69…)

“The Mysterious City”

The hunt of the bull,
The temple that lives on top of the hill:
All of these things have been instilled in our minds.

Ahead of its time,
In both plumbing and schooling.
It’s hard to believe that this great city is now lost in the sea.

Carthage, Crete, Atlantis.
No one knows the real name of this ancient place
Nor knows what happened.
Ruins and theories,
Evidence and manhunts.
Those connected to the ancient city will never let up.
What was once our home,
Now lies on the ocean floor.
The city
And the palace will forever be lost.
But never forgotten.


–Billy Boy

Billy Boy (2016)
ISBN 978-0692638903
by Rodney Nelson

“Most often, my poetry tries to take the reader out to prairie and desert and mountain—“the sticks”—but on occasion it can wither into something that only a stickman might have written. Find evidence of this in the wry, dry sticks of Billy Boy. I attempted to bind them all together with a string of “action” poems. It didn’t work, but the pile of remains may be worth a laugh. Here’s one: While Billy Boy was going on, a health lapse turned once-mesomorphic me into a stickman.” –Rodney Nelson

(A browse upon page 32…)

“Travel Advisory Update”


once and future nondemocracy for the drunk and ambiguous


creative anachronism with live ammo


home to a lifelong scouting program


national mandatory kennel club for bipeds


scenic high-decibel prison graveyard




This relatively new option ushers in a broader horizon for Middle Island Press. We now offer perfect-bound books from chapbook-size (up to 60 pages, both poetry and prose) and extending up into the hundreds of pages (for poetry only, and as time permits).

Thank You to those poets who have prompted us to expand our reaches.

Please send me an email (middleislandpress@yahoo.com) to inquire about our publishing services and requirements.


“Every garden is a bit of paradise regained.” –R. N. Taylor






MIDDLE ISLAND PRESS began as a hobby (for the love of poetry) inspired by the ever-fluctuating but always beautiful Middle Island Creek which meanders through these lush West Virginia hills. It is here where poetry thrives in the hearts of many residents like perpetual summer flora.

In 2015 we “took it to the next level” and began offering perfect-bound publishing services.

I am Christina, pressing poetry and more to the pages of little books that fit perfectly in the hand and read leisurely within a singular sitting.  I do editing, layout, printing, etc.  My Sweet Robert is the funder and “final word” whose opinions I highly regard. (He is an esteemed poet, bibliophile, and former art director of one of America’s largest ad agencies of its time).  Publishing is one of my most rewarding ventures as there is little so rewarding as thoughts and ideas made tangible.

Hailing from the New Cumberland, WV–Greater Pittsburgh Area, Gloria J. Wimberley, M.A., is a freelance editor who handles prose editing for Middle Island Press. With an English background combined with rare talent, she has a meticulous eye – and she pens some exquisite poetry!


From Princeton, we have Salvatore Buttaci: retired English teacher, poet and Master of Flash Fiction. He is highly active in West Virginia’s literary scene and has been our key reviewer and promoter since 2010. For that we are grateful!


Middle Island Press serves both writers and the literary reading community. We extend subsidy services to writers, and it is the quality of our books that is the signature of all that we do, and alongside our authors’ pristinely poetic words, it is that which makes our books well worth purchasing.




Middle Island Press is here to work with you in getting your words in print and sharing them with the world. We offer our superlative publishing services for poetry and artful prose in good taste. All titles include Amazon listing and an ISBN. Other online listings are optional without further cost.

Publishing services for perfect-bound poetry books of any size begin at $300.00. This amount increases fifty cents per page beyond page sixty, inclusive of all front-matter.

We will make cost determinations for prose after scanning manuscripts. A fair estimate for prose with light to moderate editing requirements is $350. Gloria J. Wimberley, M.A., is our fantastic freelance editor.

MIDDLE ISLAND PRESS PUBLISHING includes the following:

*See details below.

1: Publishing of your superb words without page limit

2: Proof-reading for poetry; freelanced editing for prose*

3: Unique layout and design*

4: Unique full-color cover (front and back), glossy or matte


6: Electronic bar code on back cover

7: Books In Print registration through ISBN distributor

8: Print-on-Demand (POD) Listing on the Middle Island Press website

9: Listing on Amazon.com

10: 100% Royalties (trackable) paid twice a year (7/1 and 1/1)

11: Ongoing promotion*

12: An uncommon level of integrity, respect and dedication*

13: Up to $50 worth of books at the author’s wholesale rate*

2: We do basic proof-reading of poetry with the understanding that some English rules are flexible and much of today’s poetry is more relaxed in style, so we simply aim at maintaining consistency throughout your collection. Prose is freelanced to a competent editor who applies academic standards, and then it is proof-read before layout.

3: The client may choose fonts, whether text is flushed or centered, etc.

11: Ongoing promotion includes announcements at places such as LinkedIn and Poetica~Place, but the surest sales results are by the client’s own efforts as buyers generally either know the client personally or have a strong interest in a book’s subject.

12: Welcome to the MIP family. It will grow and grow, and we will keep you abreast with the latest MIP News as announced at Poetica~Place.

13: The wholesale rate varies according to whether the interior is color or b/w, the number of pages, and the size of the book. (Our standard is to print 5″ x 8″ books with b/w interiors to minimize cost on both ends; however, anything is doable.)


*Select roughly between 30-60 pages of your best work (or more as necessary).

For best visual results regarding poetry, line length should be limited to roughly twelve syllables, but we can handle several more per line if a more compressed font is acceptable.

*Have your work honed to the best of your ability.

Be certain that you are satisfied with your selections. Once you submit your work to us, we begin layout promptly.

We are happy to correct spelling and obvious punctuation and grammar problems, and we are fairly casual about what a manuscript is and how it is presented. If you wish for clarification on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Note that we only accept electronic manuscripts unless you are willing to pay a modest transcription fee.

*Make Contact with us.

Send us an e-mail. You may include a manuscript and biography as an attachment or within the body of your e-mail. Once the initial payment is processed, we immediately begin working toward your being published, and we know that you will be proud of the final product.